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Asset Alliance Hatteras Alternative Mutual Fund

In September 2009, Hatteras Funds, a provider of unique alternative investment solutions for financial advisors, acquired AIP Mutual Funds. Alternative Mutual Funds, the mutual fund division of Hatteras Funds, was branded and launched in October 2009. The Alternative Mutual Funds provide financial advisors and their clients access to multiple hedge fund strategies and multiple hedge fund managers in a mutual fund structure, providing daily liquidity, no investor qualification, low investment minimums, and complete transparency. The investment team embraces an institutional investment process that seeks to capitalize on the potential benefits of investing in diversified funds of hedge funds as well as the structural advantages offered by mutual fund products. By offering access to multiple hedge fund strategies and multiple hedge fund managers in an open-end mutual fund, the Alternative Mutual Funds can provide asset allocators with a liquid solution to alternative investments.

Seeking consistent positive returns through all market cycles, Hatteras’ first registered no-load mutual fund Alpha Hedged Strategies Fund (a series of Hatteras Alternative Strategies Funds) utilizes a variety of sub-advisers with mandates in specific alternative investment techniques and absolute return strategies to reduce overall risks, dampen volatility, enhance total returns and minimize the correlation with popular equity and fixed-income market indices.


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