Asset Alliance Hedgeharbor Multi-Faceted Investment Management Company

02 Aug

The cornerstone of our business is to align our expertise with the interests of investors. Through Hedgeharbor’s strategic relationships and international resources, institutional and high net worth investors are able to gain access to a broad range of high quality investment offerings. Hedgeharbor is dedicated to introducing its global client base to investments that are carefully screened to meet the individual criteria of investors.

Hedgeharbor Inc. and Hedgeharbor UK Ltd. are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Asset Alliance Corporation, a multi-faceted investment management company which acquires equity and revenue sharing interests in a diversified group of alternative investment management firms. As one of the pioneers in strategic growth capital for emerging managers, Asset Alliance has achieved significant expertise and experience in joint venturing with hedge fund managers.

As a result of the financial market changes experienced in 2008, Asset Alliance is positioned to participate in the development and growth of hedge fund managers and the industry at large. Asset Alliance has achieved attractive returns on its investments in hedge fund managers which it has seeded or acquired since its inception. Asset Alliance is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the next generation of strategic growth opportunities of the alternative investment management business. As a result of wide spread interest and demand in Asset Alliance’s business model, the company has developed a platform for institutional participation as the expansion of the hedge fund industry is expected to continue.

Hedgeharbor believes that the vast majority of the risk and return in a multiple-asset-class portfolio is attributable to asset allocation. The following represents a broad illustration of major investment asset classes. Hedgeharbor seeks to provide investment opportunities in multiple asset classes based upon availability and market conditions. We also aim to broaden the universe of offerings as opportunities present themselves. Hedgeharbor strives to focus on managers within each asset class that have demonstrated a performance edge when compared to their peer groups and performance profiles that are superior to indices in their respective asset classes.


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