Asset Alliance Hedgeharbor multi-faceted investment management company

12 Jul

Hedgeharbor is an investment placement specialist committed to providing the highest quality alternative investment opportunities to institutional, corporate, not for profit, family offices and high net worth investors. As a consultant, our goal is to provide a high quality solutions based approach, whereby we help source, research, and identify investment alternatives for our clients. Our extensive global network of relationships helps differentiate and strengthen our ability to provide comprehensive coverage of the investment universe.

Hedgeharbor is a subsidiary of Asset Alliance Corporation, a multi-faceted investment management company and sister company of Asset Alliance Advisors, Inc., a registered investment advisor.  With offices strategically positioned in New York, California and has a London affiliate, Hedgeharbor services the growing demand for alternative investments through its professional consulting, distribution and research organization.  Asset Alliance has a unique business model, the company has developed a platform for institutional participation in the expansion of the hedge fund opportunity.

Hedgeharbor’s ability to foster invaluable relationships with investors helps us facilitate and build partnerships in which we can better serve their needs and objectives. Our expertise resides in the identification and introduction of investment managers and the products they sponsor for investor review and consideration.


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