Asset Alliance Competitive Edge

07 Jun

Asset Alliance competitive edge lies in our unique process of combining strong investor relationships coupled with our investment management expertise. Our client relationships are defined by our commitment to investors and the managers they select. While we are typically compensated by managers, we hold our responsibility to investors in the highest regard.

For investors we provide:

  • Initial review, assessment of investment needs and objectives and portfolio allocation recommendations
  • Strategy description and analysis
  • Manager evaluation, organizational structure and due diligence reports
  • Operational and risk management summaries
  • Access to and meetings with quality managers
  • Investor communications and fund performance reports
  • Market/manager intelligence
  • Annual review and reassessment of investment needs and objectives

For managers we provide:

  • Introductions to institutional and high net worth investors
  • Offices in major financial centers with access to global distribution platforms
  • Dedicated sales organization with proven asset-raising capabilities
  • Quarterly investor activity reports
  • Media/Conference coverage and promotion
  • An institutional firm with a professional infrastructure
  • Strategic investor/manager events and seminars

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