Asset Alliance Manager Participation Fund

30 May

Manager Overview

Asset Alliance is prepared to launch the next generation of alternative managers. For the first time, Asset Alliance is offering investors an opportunity to participate in our emerging manager investment program through the Asset Alliance Manager Participation Fund. Asset Alliance is recognized as one of the first companies formed to acquire and seed hedge fund managers. The recent exit of industry capital has created an opportunity to access a large pool of talented managers that are seeking strategic capital. The Fund will place strategic capital with select emerging hedge fund managers and investors will receive revenue sharing interests and the investment return achieved by the managers’ funds. The Fund provides investors participation incentive in the form of a growing annuity stream and potential future monetization of revenue sharing interests from underlying managers (the “Participation Interests”), private equity-like returns with better than private equity liquidity and pricing transparency, access to a select group of diversified emerging managers with higher return potential and access to future capacity rights. Fund capital can be reallocated to other managers as the initial managers mature. Reallocation provides the opportunity to expand the universe of managers from which the fund receives revenue shares. Affiliate managers benefit from seeding or acceleration capital, enhanced marketing reach and access to Asset Alliance’s infrastructure, experience and network.


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